The Union on Odessa, LLC
16 Odessa Street, Tallapoosa, GA

THE UNION on Odessa

Our space is ready and available on a limited schedule. If you are looking to have a community minded event, please contact us to discuss using our completely refurbished facility.

Book your small company event now.

The Union is a community-minded event space. Our goal is to provide a place to meet and strengthen relationships in our local community. Stronger relationships will build a stronger community.

Discover Your Community

Our purpose is to be a place where you can meet your neighbors, make new friends, and learn a new skill or technique.

This space is available now for classes, performances, community events, and meetings on a limited basis.

Contact us at 678-573-3616 to check it out in person.

Scheduled Events

  • Grace Communion Tallapoosa Every Sunday at 10:30AM
  • Your Haven – Now has a facility of their own at 30 Buchanan Bypass in Buchanan!
  • On the Table – Sponsored by the Community Foundation of West Georgia – 7:30 PM, Feb 9th.



19th Private Event

26th Private Event


5th Private Event


9th Dogwood Festival Weekend

30th Private Event


7th Private Event

In the Works for 2022

Dance Class

Art Show

More Painting classes

Game Nights

Bridal & Baby Showers


We Want Your Input

Our goal is to host a variety of community minded events. We are working on the calendar now. Is there something you can offer the community and just need a space? Is there an event or class you would like to see offered at The Union on Odessa? Let us know.

Stay tuned for more information.