The Union on Odessa, LLC
16 Odessa Street, Tallapoosa, GA

THE UNION on Odessa

Our space is ready and available on a limited schedule. If you are looking to have a community minded event, please contact us to discuss using our completely refurbished facility.

Book your small company event now.

The Union is a community-minded event space. Our goal is to provide a place to meet and to strengthen relationships in our local community. Stronger relationships will build a stronger community.

Discover Your Community

Our purpose is to be a place where you can meet your neighbors, make new friends, and learn a new skill or technique.

This space is available now for classes, performances, community events, and meetings on a limited basis.

Contact us at 678-573-3616 to check it out in person.

Scheduled Events

  • Grace Communion Tallapoosa Every Sunday at 10:30AM
  • Your Haven – Now has a facility of their own at 30 Buchanan Bypass in Buchanan! For more info, email them at thehavenrecoverycenter1@gmail.com



19th – Stroke and Sip painting class


All Saturdays in December are booked.

In the Works for 2022

Dance Class

Art Show

More Painting classes

Game Nights

Bridal & Baby Showers


We Want Your Input

Our goal is to host a variety of community minded events. We are working on the calendar now. Is there something you can offer the community and just need a space? Is there an event or class you would like to see offered at The Union on Odessa? Let us know.

Stay tuned for more information.